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    Today I had a bizarre dream about my two dogs Bear and Pearl. In the dream I and my mother were walking my dogs as we usually do, when a woman came up to us and asked if she can walk our dogs while we walk her dog. For some reason we got very exited that we will have to walk one dog instead of two. When my mother asked her how long we have to walk her dog for she said for a week. That's when I started to get worried that she might not want to give me my Bear back, but my mother convinced me that she know this woman's husband, she doesn't know them in real life, and it will not be a problem getting dogs back. Then the dream had shifted to the part when we meet the woman she is walking Bear, but the second, dog is not Pearl. The woman walking Bear looks different. For some reason I had dismissed the fact that if might be a different person and the fact that the second, dog is not Pearly. I had explained it to myself that that is her second, dog and Pearl is at her home. Then we were suddenly at the steps leading to our apartment. I have knelt to pet pet the dogs chest, the way I pet Bear, but the dog didn't like it. I got upset and told the dog to go away. When I did that I have noticed that the dog has no leash or color. My mother had told me that what I am doing is wrong to that I had responded that she should walk the dog herself.

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