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    I am hoping for any advice on this... A couple of years ago I developed what looks like pigmentation spots in a line under my eye (mainly on one, very slightly on the other.). It isn't your regular dark under eye circles, it is more like pigmentations spots in a line with the curve of my eye/cheek. I am NEVER in the sun (mainly because I work nights) & if I ever am, I always have on a high factor sunscreen sunhat, big sunglasses and do my best to sit in the shade lol, so it's not that which has caused it.

    I *think* that after a night out (with alcohol) it is more prominent a few days after but in general it is very obvious and makeup doesn't even cover it very well. If it was just a few spots somewhere I wouldn't be as bothered but as its in a line, it looks rather odd & I'd rather get rid of it if possible!

    I have tried meladerm cream (for hyperpigmentation), bio oil, dermarolling, apple cider vinegar & lemon juice but they haven't made much of a difference.

    I know that I most likely need to eliminate the root cause of it before any treatment will properly work but I have no idea what's causing it. Also, I am presuming it is hyperpigmentation as thats what it looks like from similar pictures I've seen online but I could be wrong...also because of it being in a very distinct line and being under my eye(s) which is odd.

    Does anyone have any idea what it is, what causes it and how to fix it?
    I can't really afford to see a dermatologist at the moment and would like to be able to fix it myself (and as cheaply as possible) if I can!
    I have added photos if that helps at all.
    Thanks in advance for any insight and advice on this!

    image.jpg image.jpg
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    That is melisma or "mask of pregnancy" as they call it.
    Don't get worrying about the root cause. That is a rabbit hole. You haven't caused it. It is what it is. Sunshine, several changes in body, change in lifestyle, many things can bring it on.
    Body has its seasons too.

    I have a gross sounding home remedy for that if you like to try...
    Apply saliva that is in the mouth first thing upon waking. Give it 10-15 minutes or Leave it until it is dry. Then wash off with soap. Stay alone during the application, there may be a slight or awesome pong to it.
    Then there are ointments for mask of pregnancy that people find useful, can try one or two of those
    Main thing is to Not be obsessing about it too much. I am sure your beauty shines beyond those patches.

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    The problem is only a dermatologist or a doctor can diagnose what it is.....and without knowing what it is its difficult to suggest a remedy.
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    I agree with Stefy I used potato to treat dark circles around my eye. Put some potato under your eye and leave it for about 10-15 minutes if you want some cooling effect. Put the potato on the fridge before you slice them. Potato can lighten your dark spots and relax your eye.
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    A doctor can help you out without knowing the problem it won't not be easy to recommend you anything.

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