Craniosacral for all mums and babies?

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    Hello all,
    I have just recently become a mum for the fourth time and the labour was nothing like my others and was long and painful. My little baby girl had been struggling with ongoing crying and reflux and this effected her sleep and also made me very depressed and down and i felt so over whelmed for caring for her,,,,living on very little sleep. She has however had cranial osteopath treatment and is on two types of medication to help keep her milk down. Over night and after taking homeopathic remedies..... Sophia is a different baby and is sleeping almost through the night and most of the day...shes never done this even at newborn and shes now two months.

    I was told in Germany they offer cranial sacral treatments to all mums and babies before they leave hosptial. I was told that i could do with some cranial treatment as it would help Sophia?

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