cranio sacral benefits?

Discussion in 'Craniosacral Therapy' started by Fadette, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Dec 22, 2005
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    hello all,

    I am interested in finding out what experiences people may have had with C. S Therapy.

    I am curious myself, because everything I have read about it is very interesting and somehow mysterious...

    For one: how come this is a recent treatment ? Why has Indian or Chinses medicine not come up with that? Did the Vital force/breath of life/fluid idea only popped up in the 20th century?

    Please share with me your opinions: why do you believe it works?

    I would love to hear form anyone who's had it done on them or from therapists.
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    Feb 24, 2006
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    RE: cranio sacral benefits?

    Hi Fadette,

    Before trying to answer your questions I think it is important to clarify the differences between a Cranial Sacral Therapist and a Cranial Sacral Osteopath.

    The Primary difference isthat a C.S. Therapist does not need to be an Osteopath and therefore does not have the legal standing an Osteopath has.

    A secondary difference is, and this is a massive generalisation,is that atreatment from a Cranial Osteopath willprimarily involve mobilisation of thefasciabut aCS Therapistwill likelyinvolve more of an emotional element as well.

    I believe the Cranialapproach best favours long standing chronic conditions. My treatments, relate to a twenty year old rugby injury and the results have been outstanding.

    To understand why it works you need to understand fascia. [link=][/link]

    Think about it like this: You fold your arms in a set pattern. You feel awkward if you use a different method. This is because repeatedly folding your arms in the same manner over the yearshas moulded your fascia to be comfy with that.

    In much the same way if you sustain an injury which causes an abnormal and sustained reaction in the muscles around itthe fascia will become moulded to that particular muscular state. Hence by mobilising the fascia a cranial Osteopath/Therapistcan help the bodyto recover.

    As for the mysterious side you talked about I think that is most likely to do with the emotional element mainly dealt with byCS Therapists which is best described as 'Healthy mind, healthy body'a fundamentalof eastern and osteopathic medical philosophies!
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    May 28, 2004
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    RE: cranio sacral benefits?

    Hi there, I learnt stage one of Cranio Sacral Therapy some years ago and I have to say itis one of the most amazing therapies I have come across! There are different versions, but I was taught in the Upledger method, which works with the fascia and spinal fluids in a very intuitive and facilitative manner. Bascially, it works with tissue memory and helps the body to release old trauma which may remain from birth. The small amount of work I did with it always brought surprising results.

    The Upledger Method was developed by Dr John Upledger from his observations of the pulsing of dural (spinal) tissue during an operation, when said movement should not have been occuring! From there, he has developed his findings and brought in additions from other cultures... he quite cheerfully admits to this... if it works, he uses it!

    So... Indian, Chinese medicine etc has been aware of it for a long, long time... it's we westerners who are slow. For instance, did you know that the UK and US are the only countries which teach that the plates of the skull fuse in adulthood? Other countries teach that there is continued movement and separation, which is directly linked to Dr. Upledger's findings in work with skeletal structuresand facia.

    It is truly amazing work and it opened my eyes to new ways of working with energy.

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    Nov 19, 2011
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    Craniosacral Therapy + Chiropractors

    Craniosacral therapy is commonly used to treat babies, as it is a very gentle approach.
    It is however, excellent for use on adults as well. It is used to treat headaches, (particularly stress-related) and general aches and pains. :D :wave:

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