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    Hello community,

    I am looking for a good accredited and certified course in Colour Therapy at practitioner level.
    So far I have found this:
    BSY Group offers NCFE Level 3 and 4 in Colour Therapy -but I believe that NCFE accreditation is of achievement - not sure what to think of that if it will be recognised by employers or insurance companies or even if will give me accreditation to others. There is not sign of this course in NCFE website.
    The next is accredited by VTCT Level 3 in Holistic Colour Therapy- this one seems to have more creditability but does any one of you knows any training provide that could recommend for distance learning? - Does anyone knows Solace Academy?
    And then the one accredited by OCN but again I am not sure . Has anyone heard of them?
    Would you please mind to send me any recommendations or opinions on these qualifications?
    It is very difficult to find a proper course in Colour Therapy.
    Many thanks to all,

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