CNHC, is it worth it?

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    But any case the CNHC are implying for PSA rubber stamped CAM therapies, a GP which have to refer to the CNHC register, but they are not the only CAM organisation to be recognised by the PSA: ie Federation of Holistic Therapists and other single therapy organisations.

    As the GMC guidelines says:
    "6. Referral is when you arrange for another practitioner to provide a service that falls outside your professional competence.
    7. Usually you will refer to another doctor or healthcare professional registered with a statutory regulatory body.
    8. Where this is not the case, you must be satisfied that systems are in place to assure the safety and quality of care provided – for example, the services have been commissioned through an NHS commissioning process or the practitioner is on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority."
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