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Discussion in 'Feng Shui' started by angelseeking, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Can anyone help, i have alway thought i was fairly lucky, but i always have to take the long way around to get anywhere, if you get my meaning, I have tried Law of attraction, and it helps sometimes, and my angels help a lot, but i want to attract more work/money into our business.?:)
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    Hi angelseeking

    If you choose to believe in luck and run your business upon it, then you business will be as lucky as you believe you are, if you believe your business is being run by your angels, then your business will be as good as you believe your angels are.

    Using the law of attraction to attract money and work into the business, will only be successful if your underlying thought patterns and beliefs are in alignment with your goal, since you are attempting to use the law of attraction in this, then that indicates that they are not.

    At the end of the day, your success will depend more upon your core beliefs than anything else, you can be as good or better than anyone else doing the same things as yourself and have an excellent business plan etc, but the person down the road who is hopeless at what you do can have a waiting list, because they have an underlying belief that they are successful.

    Your business which is a part of your life experience is a direct reflection of what you are right now, if you wish to change your life experience and your business which is an aspect of that, then you need to look inward and embrace self so that you can change your self from one way of being into another way of being.
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    Hi angelseeking :)
    There are actually some great books on intuition and work creativity. One that comes to mind is written by Laura Day "Practical Intuition for Success" . This book talks about asking and directing questions to attract more work/money into a business. In her book, Laura Day says our intuition works all the time...every moment...right now...we just have to be aware of its many clues/impressions. She says our intuition extends beyond our can come from outside sources (sounds, people, street names, animals etc.,). There are several exercises in her book all programmed to increase your business and your wealth.

    In one part of her book you pretend you're your business. As you become it, you ask questions like....
    what am I?
    what do I want?
    what do I need to function well right now?
    what difficulties do I face right now?
    what is getting in my way?
    what is missing in my life?
    what are my opportunities?
    who are my best resources?
    what could I do differently to ensure success?
    what is my mission in life?:)
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    In my experience, the Law of Attraction works best when combined with carefully considered action steps. Some of the advice given in the previous post is very good. I've also found the books of Barbara Sher helpful, such as Wishcraft.
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    Business Structure

    Pretending is a form of not really having when do you stop pretending-when do you know I myself did not pretend I built a business that actually is a structure that was built of hard work still building. Now I look at the function of becoming sucessful with my structure of a business at hand. Realizing the partnering aspect of the wave of entrance is a part of the plan....Broad place of business using your intuition is a part of when you should move and not move-moving forward to see the ways tha you can proceed with what you have at hand...Gypsees Jewels Jewelry:)
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    "Constant bad luck" can be a symptom of power loss and/or soul loss.
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    I'm glad that Crowan said that as there maybe other things to consider.

    There is more to life than the laws of attraction. If you are going to break things down to "laws", the universe contents many other "laws": laws of correspondances, yin-yang, polarity, karma, consciousness, love and so forth............

    Since this is the Feng Shui forum, FS as a system combines many of these laws together, but if something missing within, you can do all the wishful thinking and feng shui "cures" as you like, it's not going to be effective.

    Different things work for different people at different times. If a method you have used isn't working, dump it and try something else :D I don't know what your business is, maybe it isn't right? Just an alternative opinion ;)


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