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Discussion in 'New Forum Members' started by Charleymac01, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Hi all!
    I have just been diagnosed with brochiestasis - I am a 45 year old fit and healthy female who has never smoked. For the past 13 years I’ve had a cronic cough and lots of bouts of chest infections and have been constantly at the GP surgery trying to get to the bottom of things, with no luck at all. This has only become apparent after a CT scan recently. I now have to wait for 3 months before seeing a chest specialist to get future guidance!! Can anyone advise any top tips with regards to keeping well in the meantime ? I go to the gym 3 times a week when well, eat well and drink plenty of water . However I pick up colds easily which in turn quickly can become a Chester infection - I just want to try and prepare myself for the next few months to try and boost my immunity up and try to avoid getting unwell again !

    Thanks guys
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    Whereabouts are you? Bronchiectasis is a bummer. Doing what you are doing now will help (keeping fit and otherwise healthy), but you may benefit from support. There are a number of lung disease support groups available on the net. A friend I have in Edinburgh, with the condition, regularly visits a place called The Salt Cave. He has been symptom free for a few years now since he started using it, and has no need to use the multiple inhalers he was given to try and relieve the congestion. Worth investigating? There may be one near you.
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    Omg! That is so difficult to deal with..I do have several suggestions that I hope would be helpful to you to boost your immune system. First, I want to say it sounds like from your post this was a total shock to find out that you are dealing with this condition.
    1) Great tea for your immune system is fresh mint tea ( not dehydrated ) use a lot mixed with fresh ginger can be grated or chopped and then add fresh parsley In water and bring to boiling point and then allow the fresh tea to rest for 10 minutes with lid on pot. In your cup but honey and the juice of one whole lemon. Of course I do not know if you have allergies to any of the ingredients...but this tea is a fabulous immune booster.

    2) Oil of oregano even better fresh oregano is another great herb for healing.

    3) Fresh squeeze orange juice is wonderful. Must be fresh at least 3 oranges a day.

    If you are interested I do have other teas that are helpful and good for immune boosting to system.

    Have a wonderful week.

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