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    Jun 3, 2018
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    Hi all, title says it all, I am completely broken.

    please help
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    Sep 20, 2003
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    Hello Ryback - could you explain a bit please?

    Love and peace,

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    Broken is a good place to be provided that you don't make an unstoppable internal song about it.

    But chances are that you are constantly engaged with 'brokenness' as in constantly thinking about it, feeling bad about it or trying to fix it. That incessant song highjacks mind. That is normal way us humans deal with our problems. It is highly taxing, debilitating and keeps us in that loop. Going round and round in circles- getting nowhere

    Perhaps find a quiet time and space and be with this sense of brokenness, Allow it, be intimate with it, breathe with it in acceptance. Settle down a little into the brokenness. Don't try fixing it. Just be with it.

    As you allow yourself to settle into all the internal mess that has conjured itself up, You may start to notice that you are not broken at all. It's your mind that has got focused and latched onto the perception/ narrative of being broken. It is a feeling, not solid Reality, if that makes any sense...

    Breathe into the awareness how much internal focus, thought, energy, time has already been invested into being broken. Give yourself a moment to take it in

    Breathe, breathe nicely and breathe more deeply and relax more with each breath.

    The internal story is broken, you are not.

    Mind's Internal interpretations are full of folly. The story that mind tells you are self-sabotaging.

    Relax. If you keep feeding yourself the broken story it becomes a fortress that imprisons you. Self sabotage it is.

    Relax and ask for help. Then know it's coming. Help is always available, we don't ask. We keep regurgitating our problems

    Find activities to do things that bring wholeness, fun and lightness of heart to you . Do something fun...anything but feed that internal story. Get it off your radar. Get busy in doing things unrelated to this issue.

    Break the cycle. You can with a bit of intent

    or there is help available to trigger that change, to help you find your personal power.

    Either way, don't keep feeding this story
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