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Discussion in 'Head & Neck Problems' started by Cjj70, Jan 7, 2016.

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    A few months ago I experienced sudden hearing loss in my left ear, with extreme vertigo and dizziness. I went to an ENT, who, once I could walk safely, sent me to PT for the vertigo. The therapist did the first two steps of the Epley ( not the last part, looking downward). I had a tiny bit of vertigo when I looked to the left so she told me to do the Barre - Daroff exercises. 10 times a day ( in one setting). No other instructions were given. I am a martial artist in a style that rolls a lot so I started rollong again ASAP.

    I did the exercises for about three weeks, religiously, with little or no vertigo. then I stopped for a few days. I started up again and had much worse vertigo than I had before, and it hasn't gone away. In general it only happens when I do the exercises, but now it has hit a few time while I am working out.
    The ENT Doctor isn't very concerned about it.
    Any ideas on what is going on? The pt seems to have made it worse.
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    Sorry to hear this, unfortunately I found that pt hurts more than it helps, it seems to stir up crystals in the inner ear fluid that normal roling and tumbling around do not, but then lets face it that is exactly what pt is designd to do!

    are you still visiting if so pm me and we can chat on ideas
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    Causes can be anything from excess stress, to jaw misalignment (have you had a wisdom tooth extraction ever? or fillings in the few months before this started? or played rugby?), to psychic/spiritual "stuff", to getting varifocal glasses (which can sometimes mess with the vestibular system). And the jaw can also end up causing this if either your pelvis or shoulders have been injured or there has been some kind of blow to the head. So grit in the balance organ is only one possibility.

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