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    Hello everyone

    I have been a Bowen NST therapist for 13 years. I decide to do the training following a course of treatments in my early 30's, that put my back and hips back together.

    I have a treatment room at my home and have a small list of clients, some who have been with me since the start.

    However, I do find it quite isolating and would love to find a local group of other therapists where we can ask questions or just discuss things and learn from each other. So, if any NST therapists out there would like to make themselves known, that would be great. I am in North Norfolk.

    There used to be a Reflexology group that met in Swaffham some years ago and other therapists were welcome. I found this a really stimulating and informative group with monthly speakers on all sorts of complimentary subjects. Sadly, it has since disbanded.

    I have considered starting one myself but as I am already on three committees - time is at a premium. So if anyone knows of an existing group in the Norfolk/Suffolk area I would love to hear from you.

    I look forward to hearing from other therapists.
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