Back "Weird Spots/Marks" after Waxing. Help

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    so I have decided to wax my back, little to know ,i had no idea that I will get something like that. It is not a rash or Acne Problem, i have asked my doctor , he said that ,this "Spots/Marks" are there , becasue there is no hair in this area yet , and it will fade away with time !! but after 2 Months nothing had changed, any help tips or maybe Body Creams that could help , would be appreciated

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    Commercial wax strips are some chemical concoction, for sure. not the gentlest on the skin.

    I take it, the rash does not itch. Does it? If it does not-
    Ferrum Phos 6x should take care of it in a few days.

    Tomato juice, cut fresh tomato and rub it on skin, leave dry, then wash off.

    Consume turmeric, drink plenty water

    Not being funny, would you be open to washing the rash with your own urine? I ask because every time I suggest this to folks, there is always some strong reaction from most people.
    Google urine therapy, if you are open to it. Most skin maladies respond beautifully to your own waters. It is trully the ultimate self help there is.

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