Anyone interested in Buddhism?

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    The flavour of Buddhism changes in different cultures to meet the needs of the community. But the essence of Buddhism is generally found in most forms of Buddhism (I say it that way to acknowledge that like any religion/philosophy there will always be weirdo cults and massive distortions of core teachings for perverse activities). The universal natural of the teachings (Dharma) can handle development, as all is impermanent and subject to change!

    As for Reiki and Buddhism mentioned in other posts. A recent book on the subject: "The Inner Heart of Reiki" by Frans Steine, considers that Usui Reiki teachings conveyed Buddha Dharma at a time when the Japanese state were forcing people to follow Shintoism. On page 21, Steine says:

    It is said that Usui taught these [precepts/principles] to his Buddhist students.

    Do not bear anger, for anger is an illusion
    Do not be worried, for fear is a distraction
    Be true to your way and your being/True Self
    Show compassion to yourself and others
    Because this is the centre of Buddhahood

    This form of the precepts takes the healing of our mind even a step further as it discusses illusion, distraction, and Buddhahood.

    But it seems that Usui changed the precepts/principles according to where the student was at, but I do realise that I'm slowly going off topic.

    To answer Elan's question. Yes, I have an interest in Chan Buddhism (Chinese Zen as it's often described, but Zen derived from Chan, and could be seen as syncretic).
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    Not likely
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