Angelic Reiki - How is it different?

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    Hi all. I feel that if you are aware of and already work with angelic energies (which many Usui reiki practitioners do) then why not. Kevin Core channeled this particular system of working with angels via Metatron but of course you may call upon their help within your healing sessions anyway. I trained in Usui Reiki about 15 years ago, have done other types of workshops working in partnership with angelic energies and eventually decided to do an Angelic Reiki course last year.

    What I feel has happened is that it has strengthened my connection to angelic energies and has also given me a useful framework for the healing sessions. There is a different, definite focus on working in partnership with your healing angel and the main difference I would say is that the energy definitely works more on the consciousness of the person AND of the person channelling the healing. Isn't this where we really want healing to occur, to be really effective long term?. I still use Usui Reiki of course, there is no competition between the two systems, they can complement each other and Angelic Reiki is another healing method to draw upon, depending on what you feel your client would most benefit from. I enjoy using both but they are different and of course there is no lineage with Angelic Reiki. I find it a powerfully gentle energy and it works through the heart space.

    Something to be aware of though, which I did not know about before I started my studies, is that there are two systems out there which differ slightly in the levels you need to complete. The original system as channelled by Kevin Core is promoted by the Angelic Reiki Association and remains the same as when he channelled it. After his death, his wife, Christine Core, wanted to make some changes to the original system that was taught. I am not sure how her system varies, she may have added things to it, but she teaches a longer system with more levels. I did read her Angelic Reiki book before I took the course, it is very helpful with things such as helping people transition to spirit and this I did use shortly after I did my course.

    So lots of extra skills to add to your existing practice, should you feel drawn to it, do it!! Much love and reiki blessings to all xxx

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