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    Hi All,

    I am interested in doing agency work. I am based in London and have previous worked through a few different agencies being place in spa's as a massage therapist.

    I have put my CV on a few different websites as I wanted to work in other areas such as corporate and events.

    I have been contacted by one agency which I wont name on here. They have invited me for an interview. After looking at there website I am having some reservations.

    They state they send therapists to offices, hotels and private residences and they are strictly non sexual service.

    But it also says that therapist use the underground to move around London therefore they dont use massage tables and work on clients beds or sofa !!!!

    Im sorry maybe im old fashioned but to me that is completely inappropriate for a professional massage.

    I think I just answered my own question but would like some thoughts please.

    After a little research there seems to be many agencies like this .

    London serenity , Viva and Return to Glory I know are strictly professional and always work on massge chairs and couches.

    Is not using a couch or a bed secret code for a happy ending .?

    Sorry for any bad grammer its not my strong point x

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