Advice please! Nutrition/osteopath??

Discussion in 'General Therapies' started by KatS, May 16, 2014.

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    May 15, 2014
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    I'm hoping for some advice please. I love the look of the Nutrition BSc, and have been deliberating signing up. My goal would be self employment, although I am obviously concerned about whether my area has the right market for it.

    I was advised to also offer another therapy to be able to offer a larger service, but what?

    A friend told me that considering my background she thinks osteopathy would be fantastic - however that is an even bigger commitment study wise, and obviously right now it would be one or the other, not both.

    Financially to stand a hope of studying both I'd likely have to do osteopathy first, then study a nutrition degree with a provider that isn't my first choice.

    Has anyone got any advice please? Is there something I've overlooked that lends itself well paired with nutrition? Thank you!

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