8 year old muscle damage

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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently in a difficult situation. Approximately 8 years ago I was squatting down and heard a loud pop. At the time i didn't think anything of it but little did I know I had torn something in my leg.

    Over time a load of muscles around the area became tight, back, bum, legs, ankles etc

    After a lot of stretching and massaging it, I thought I was healed and went about running and playing football again. Until recently when I injured it and took time off.

    Now I realised it hadn't healed and is still there in fact what had happened is the other muscles had simply lengthened, the lump in my thigh is about the size of a golf ball and fascia is still there, I also think there is a trapped nerve too.

    Can anyone recommend the next step please ?

    Thank you in advance

    FYI i am not a physio

    P.s I am based in London
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    Get it medically assessed. A 'lump' is not good and needs examination.
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    I completely agree with Jabba the Hut get medical advice immediately. Lump of this size must be taken a look at..and examined.
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    All depends on you.
    Unfortunately I see similar cases in my clinic daily.
    As mentioned before - it must be assessed to understand what for “lump” you have. It can be scar tissue in the belly of your muscle, it can be something else.
    But 1st - assessment and understanding.
    Because this issue you had a long time ago, then I suspect it has created some impacts on other things.
    These all related.
    Trapped nerve is other story and may related to your muscular issue - “lump” can press neural tissue.
    But, it also must be assessed to understand what creates your pain: muscle tissue or nerve itself.

    My advice, as before, find clinic near you or visit your GP or your doctor. This must be your first step!

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