12 months of neck pain followed by a crack!

Discussion in 'Head & Neck Problems' started by slipcell, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    For over a year now I have had issues with my neck here is the back story.

    I'm 28 and I was laid in a funny position for a few hours paying on an xbox that was a gift at the time (I don't actually play video games but gave it a go as it was a gift from my wife) and I was startled my my wife entering the room and I looked to the right and I nearly jumped out of my seat from a sharp jolting pain in my neck.

    A few hours later it was still hurting so I asked her for a gentle massage and as soon as she touched me my boy literally threw me across the room, my eyes exploded with tears and I told her not to come near me! The pain subsided but I was left with a constant ache on the right/back side of my neck.

    Foolishly I left it months like this thinking it would heal itself. I finally went to see the doctor who sent me for physio, 6 months later I got my appointment and after her assessment told me the vertebrae on the right hand side of my neck was squashed together.

    She gave me simple stretches to do along with gentle massages to work to bones which she did every 2 weeks. This went on for 2/3 months with little relief. She was pregnant so left for maternity leave and I was passed to her colleague Darren who discharged me after one session! despite me telling him I was still in pain but his reply was 'It feels ok to me!'

    Two months later I went back to see the doctor and due to my good range of movement (I had kept up with the stretches on a daily basis that my original physio had given me) said there was nothing he could do.

    About a month later (last week) I woke up in the early hours of the morning to a huge crack and I was unable to move my head in any direction with extreme pain to the point I was laid there sobbing. I calmed myself down and waited an hour to see if it would ease up but in the end I got my wife to call an ambulance as I couldn't move.

    The ambulance arrived and put me in a neck brace and had to help me out of bed! Once I was up I was fine to walk around just in a lot of pain and unable to move my head.

    At the hospital they gave me ibuprofen, tramadol and diazepam and over the last 4 days I am able to move it more and more. I am also back on the waiting list (4 months) to see a physio.

    So my question is, what the heck is wrong with me!
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    Diagnosis is not something we can do - but as pharmacist my best guess is that the physio got it right. there is a problem with your vertebrae. Sadly I suspect you are paying the price for ignoring the initial problem for so long.

    The drugs they gave you at the hospital are standard A and E drugs for somebody with a musculo - skeletal problem. Pain killers and diazepam as a muscle relaxant.,

    4 months is a long time to wait tho. I would suggest going to see an osteopath or chiropracter to see if they can sort your problem out.

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