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    1. Wend
      Hi Clare

      Just wondered how you are doing, I haven't been on too much as been a pretty rough time but hasn't stopped me thinking of how your recovery has been going or not going!! Love Wend xxx
    2. yogi
      hi wend im so sorry about your hurting i know im having my op but we are so the same at mo im up in bed as soon as hubby is home from work we are so distant at the mo being out in wheelchair is getting me out but causing immense pain after no win situation also like yourself i get awful hip pain lying in bed im up every hour or so i even took my morphine at 10 last night and must admit got a few hours i know i can take my morphine every 3 hours but i dont like doing it in middle of the night, even valium not helping, i really hope you can get sorted wend i know ill be in hospital when you have your appt but ill have my phone with me so you can message me to let me know how you get on, im just worried about left sided pain both sides now all i have to do is touch my buttocks on the top then bam nerve pain right down to toes but i know i have two surgeons doing each side and also i remember them saying two incisions on both sides won't know till it's over i think maybe cos l5/s1 has fragmented so maybe thats why it's getting so bad on left or cos there removing l4/5 cos of protrusion maybe that's got worse and is compressing left. wend you must be at your wits ends i really feel for you i just hope and pray something will be done for you, i am trying to rest as much as possible my friend has come every morning and took my little boy it's very hard in mornings even getting my 11 year old girl sorted for school also my sister in law comes and get's her, but then im havin to sort owen out which is cribling at the moment, i sometimes wish i was in hospital now i know that sounds awful but even though im not and can't do anything around the house it's seeing things that need to be done. wend im so sorry for essay it's just your the only one who understands what pain im going through as your in the same boat anyway gonna go and try and get some rest speak soon love clare xxxxx
    3. Wend
      Hi Clare,

      I really don't think you are going on, I just know you are suffering and that is so different to going on. I just wish I could wave a wand and make you better.

      I think my son is having a good day. He was a bit down this morning as originally we were going to have a home cooked meal tonight and not a lot else. I still have a little money left from my ill health retirement and am sick of my kids always missing out. So with morphine bottle in my bag, my trusty cushion and wheelchair we went to a pub five minutes away by car and had lunch. He loved it and I loved being out. I am now confined to bed due to overdoing it by sitting for so long but it was so worth it. I just wish I could be downstairs with them now as they are playing on the Wii, I can't play but I love watching. I think this is the worst bit about having back problems is that it can leave you isolated from your own family. Maybe a sit in the hot tub later will help my sore back.

      The e cigarette sounds fab, I just wish they would invent a cig we could puff on that wasn't bad for us. I used to get a lot of pleasure chatting to friends and smoking and that's when I still miss it. I used to have friends who only smoked when we went out but I could never stick to that as I loved smoking. No point denying it I enjoyed it and was very naffed off that I had to give up, but until they don't kill you it's best to stop. I would love to see you in you pjs in hospital puffing away in bed :)

      Please try and rest now for the few days before your op as you could do with being as rested as you can to help after the op. I would advise you to get some fruit and liquorice allsorts for after the op as going to the loo is a problem as the morphine makes you constipated and some doctors won't let you home until you go. Sorry hope you aren't eating your tea while reading this.

      Also I would just like to say I have really enjoyed chatting to you and hope we can carry on after your op. it's nice to talk to someone on the same wave length and also soon someone who has had the same op. we seem to be few and far between on this site and until you have had the same experience it's hard to understand.

      Anyway enough of my waffling on. Take Care Clare.

      Love Wend xxxxx
    4. brillo1902
      Hi Yogi

      I think our symptoms sound very similar although yours could be a tad worse, i dont know lol!

      Im a long way behind you in the surgery stakes but i fear this is where ill end up.

      Long story short i started getting mild back pain 12 months agos but it soon went and was replaced with left leg pain but manageable. I was a driver so spent 6 or so hours a day on my bum behind the wheel. October last year i was made redundant but was learning the knowledge of london to become a black cab driver and passed mid january. I did two weeks of work before i woke up on feb 2nd in writhing agony and have not worked since. Had MRI last June showing henriated disc at L5S1 and bulges at L4 etc. The only position i find relief in was laying down but ive been having IDD therapy at a local osteo which has managed to allow me to walk to an extent but i cant sit upright for more than 2 minutes without wanting to scream out and climb the walls in pain. Im on Diazepam but run out and Paracetamol/Dihidrocodeine. Insisted on another MRI which i got a date today March 27th i think and saw the consultants registrar on Monday just gone and he suggest epidural before having operation to see if it works. Three weeks now without being able to go to work and being self employed now im struggling financially and getting more and more down! The benefit system has never concerned me as i never needed it before but now i do what a job it is to get anything.....still waiting to hear! Id love to share your experiences. Are you male or female and whats your age if you dont mind me asking? Are you also NHS and what area? Sorry for all the questions lol!

      Be nice to keep in touch and support you through what is going to be a tough time for you and me when i get to where you are now lol.

      Im male, Robert and im 37 years old btw.


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