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    1. meadowsweet
      Hi Silvermist, Got your PM, but it doesn't allow me to reply. I have tried to send you an email via HP but not sure whether you received it or not. x
    2. meadowsweet
      Hello Silvermist,

      I read your post today and thought I would share with you something that you could try if the bullies cannot be ignored.

      You could make them feel uncomfortable when they attack you, doesn't have to be anything too harsh; bite their tongue, let the words catch in their throat enough for them to start to learn their behaviour is inappropriate. A couple of pins in a paper poppet (crossing the mouth area) is all you would need for each person. Focus on the person while you place the pins across the mouth area of the poppet, requesting a specific response each time they try to say something cruel towards you or against you.

      You have every right to protect yourself. If you are doing it for the higher good you will not face a return of the spell. I thought I would at least share this as an option for you should everything else fail. I hope they leave you alone soon. Shine on!

      I dislike bullies and the above has worked for me previously.

      Blessed Be
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