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Oriental Massage & Bodywork / Qi Gong Teacher

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    1. Sarah Carr
      Sarah Carr
      Hi Dave, have been reading your messages about reflexology (in particular foot charts) through the archive, and am fascinated by your views, which seem really refreshing and sensible to me. I qualified in reflexology earlier this year, and have struggled rather with the theory as it is often presented. Would love to read more about your approach/understanding of how it works, and just wondered if there are any articles/books you'd recommend along these lines? Many thanks for any leads you can give, Sarah X
    2. Reviveme
      what are your intentions when taking this course? Will you go on to have a career in this or purely for pleasure. The VCTC are a well know qualification many colleges are doing this. It gives you lots of practical experience. If you are unsure please discuss this with the learning provider.
      good luck xx
    3. Lucypally

      My name is Michelle I also live in Cornwall. I am hoping you can give me some advice and from reading your post think you may be able to help me. I want to go back to college in September to train as a Holistic therapist. I have found a course via Truro College at Carnon downs which is a VCTC Holistic Therapy Diploma. I works well for me as the course lands on my days off work.

      But after searching on the internet I am worried that the VCTC courses are not as good as the ITEC courses. Being in Cornwall is is very Limiting Truro College and Penwith college do not do ITEC. And Cornwall College only do Courses ast Saltash which is too far for me as I live in Penzance.

      Can you point me in the right direction.

      Thanks so much

    4. swhypno
      1,770 posts on Healthy Pages forums! You're seriously addicted mate!
    5. swhypno
      Ha ha! Caught you online!
    6. sportstherapy
      Hi Dave,
      tried to PM you but its playing up! I will see if I can email you instead.
    7. poppyfields
      Hi Dave,
      I used to be daisy-chain and you gave me some fab advice about thai herbal bags, etc.
    8. Nick PerryF
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    Oriental Massage & Bodywork / Qi Gong Teacher


    The Buddha's teaching in a nutshell: life is crap; the cause of this crap; but crap can be changed, and the 8-fold path to transform your crap into a sweet juicy mango :)
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