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Bothwell, nr Glasgow
Colonic Hydrotherapist

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New Member, from Bothwell, nr Glasgow

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Oct 30, 2015
    1. Jabba The Hut
      Jabba The Hut
      Hi Joyce - just noticed your name on the Forum - haven't seen you here for ages! You OK? Busy?
      Jabba (Lyn xx)
    2. amy green
      amy green
      Hi - I'm sorry you have seen me in an uncharacteristic light. To explain the "blowing raspberry" emoticon - it is a playful poking tongue out (see, the eyes are smiling). Oh well, never mind.
    3. Tashanie
      Thanks for the friend request :-)
    4. Rustic

      Just checked my control panel and found your message.... Sorry changed my email addy on HP several weeks ago and I think I'm showing as a new member still.

      Will see if I can sort out and get back to you.

    5. BOO
      Hi Patchouli,
      hope u dont mind me messaging its just i have read alot of your threads and u seem to know alot about nutrition and the digestive system. I have been trying to put on weight ( as i am seriosly under for my height. 6'5 ) but every morning without fail battle bad nausia. i have just came out of hospital following my 2nd spinal disceptomy and am looking dangerously underweight :(
      is there anything you can suggest to help with the nausia in the mornings and any diet tips to gain weight???
    6. Finnie Feet
      Finnie Feet
      Hey Joyce, I'm good thanks. Haven't been on as much lately pop on occasionally for a wee read. I got some swaps organised thanks, sounds like you are really busy which is fab. Give me a shout if you are going to be in Glasgow any day and I'll fit you in, would be really nice to see your place in Bothwell at some point too. Ruthx
    7. Frances B
      Frances B
      Hi Joyce,
      I agree, it would be good to meet up at one of the lectures. I don't have any planned in the near future because the few I wanted to go to coincide with other commitments or are just a bit too expensive (Ben Brown's Nutri one). Let's stay in touch though,
    8. Rustic
      Sorry - missed this! Well didn't know about this feature until I found it accidentally today LOL. Anyway hi, I haven't been around much for a while - a torn retina slowed me up for a week or 3 recently which hasn't helped LOL, but fine now. The foot health practitioner course thread on the training forum has my attention at the moment. The podiatry/FHP issue has the potential to affect us all............

    9. Chestnut
      hi, thanks for your response to mine re Swedish massage. Looking at your Profile, I noticed what you practice -- any advice for an UC sufferer?
    10. CarolineN
      Hi Patchouli
      Thanks for contacting me.
      I went to the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London, commuting from Yorkshire for the monthly lectures and seminars, for 2 years - incredibly intense and had to defer, then I'm just completing SNHS advanced nutrition over the internet. This course is very different from ION's which is biochemistry based and really v. high powered. The second I've enjoyed much more - probably because I have covered most of it already - it is not recognised by BANT, but we can get insurance. I have done an enormous amount of reading in between too - particularly Michael Murrays's tomes and Elizabeth Lipski's Digestive Wellness. I just love the subject! There's so much one can do to help people.
      Where are you based?
      I am really enjoying the forums which I have only just discovered - studying at home is pretty isolated.
      Very best wishes
    11. Patchouli
      Hi Anjimel

      Sorry for not getting back, I didn't know you had left a message.

      I know BOW really well as I used to work in Merchiston (20 year ago) and went out with someone from Kilmacolm.

      There are a few of us in this are and it would be great to arrange a meet up but any time a Scottish meet has been suggested it falls through.

      My hubby went to Bothwell primary and then Uddingston Grammar so it may be a smaller world than we know.

      Joyce X
    12. anjimel
      Hi Patchouli,

      I think we are not too far from one another. I live in Bridge of Weir and I have family who live in Bothwell, Motherwell, Carluke and Wishaw. I also went to school in Bothwell ( many moons ago).

      Ellen x
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    March 2
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    Bothwell, nr Glasgow
    Colonic Hydrotherapist
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    If the world was to end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree.
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