Sep 18, 2006
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    1. CarolineN
      Sorry about that - I've been having trouble deleting them!! I'll have another go tonight to make space.
    2. Karren
      Hi Jeannie, Hope you have a lovely birthday and do lots of things you enjoy with the people you like to be with!!! Fancy meeting for a coffee in Durham Thursday next week ( May 5th)
    3. Karren
      Hi Jeannie, Nice to see other locals on the site. I am qualified to do IHM and have Level 1 Reiki which only allows me to treat myself, friends and family (though you probably know all of this).I live just outside Durham and I am the Mother of a son and daughter, Gran to a boy and a girl and Other Mother to a boy and a girl (all grown up) My partner and I are getting married in May after (8 years +)and as I am doing our own flowers and cake it will be busy. I am retired and do volunteer therapy with MIND and a Woman's Refuge (though have had a break from the latter) I enjoy therapies, tai chi, gardening, flower arranging, art, crafts walking and reading. I am new to this posting lark and have to remind myself to look on the site. You all seem to know each other quite well so bear with me till I get the hang of it all!!!:o
    4. Sun~Rose
      thank you jeannie.
    5. Angel Healing Waters
      Angel Healing Waters
      Hello Jeanie,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch.I have not long got married so just getting back to normal land now hence I have been rather quiet with everything else!
      Wonderful wedding but took a lot out of me!
      I am glad you and your husband are well.What would we do without them Jeannie.
      Love Margery.x.x.x
    6. debdobbs
      Hi Jeannie, thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear you have not been well, hope things get sorted out for you. Enjoy your holiday, it's always nice to get a break from it all and go somewhere different. Take care and hope to hear from you soon. Deb
    7. Shaya
      Hey jeannie, are you ok? Did you get my PM?
      Shaya x
    8. jeannie
      Yes that would be nice, do you live in or near Durham, I could collect. If not give me your address and I will send you postage. Thanks again
    9. CrystalCat
      Hi, i think you go to Members List and look for the name and then post a message like this? and hopefully it will reach you...the only book i can find at the moment is the French for Dummies which has a cd at the back-do you still want it? Dont want anything for it - very happy for someone to make use of it. Let me know. CrystalCat
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    I have the Chinese sign of the Dog and think this describes me quite well.


    Hope :)
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