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    1. jodie85

      I noticed on a old post of yours that you have an underactive thyroid & pcos. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid but thyroxin didn't seem to help any of my symptoms ie irregular periods. I did tell my doctor I thought I might have pcos as I have other symptoms excessive hair, overweight especially round the middle, thinning hair (a lot falls out when I was my hair) etc but she said that maybe just the way I am and nothing else was done. Did you have any problems like this getting diagnosed?

      I have recently moved to a different area so have changed my doctor and have an appointment on Wed. Are there any questions I should ask?
      Any comments from you would be appreciated, I am getting increasingly concerned about not having periods etc.

      Hope to hear from you soon

    2. clarso
      Hi, can you help please, I am doing Aromatherapy and need to know the chemical structures/family. The teacher I think is looking for acid, alcohol, have been on the internet for days now and just the chemical constituents are coming up, the local library aint so good they don't have anything. please help. thankyou light and love. clarso
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