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Jul 31, 2009
    1. dip into healing
      dip into healing
      How are you Gab?? xxx
    2. corrinacorrina
      So did people show up on Sat 17th meet? I am just reading this and know my Reiki sister just re-located from North wales to Stroud and plans to practice but would not have known of this meet-up. Will it be a regular thing I can turn her on to?
    3. dip into healing
      dip into healing
      Hello!!!...I was just thinking, even if no one else turns up... at least we will be there!! But I'm sure a few will.... :rolleyes: I may even mail some of my like minded aquaintences like yoga bods etc. xx
    4. dip into healing
      dip into healing
      Hello Curious! Where are you in Gloucestershire? I am near stroud... was wondering if you were interested in getting a reiki share together?? :)
      hugs x
    5. curious_george
      Thanks Jaime! I had my reiki attunements this weekend, I'm feeling blown away by it all... just feel so much love and awe and respect for everything at the moment, trying hard to keep myself grounded too!

      It is so nice having HP and being able to talk to other like-minded souls here! I'm feeling very positive right now and looking forward to what the future holds. I think 2009 could be a very interesting year for me.

      Once more, thank you for your kind words!
    6. *serenity*
      Hi George!
      Thankyou very much for your feedback!
      Sounds like you in the midst of a big clearance in preperation for some huge steps forward and wonderful new opportunities to me!!
      Relax and enjoy the ride. Release what no longer works for you, safe in the knowledge that it will be replaced by new and wonderful inspirations - nature abhors a vaccuum and where there is space new opportunities grow!!

      Best of luck with it all! You sound like you have it sussed! You are well guided - just trust!!!

      Lots of love,

      Jaime XX
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    'Do not look upon the world with fear and loathing... bravely face whatever the Gods have to offer' - Morihei Ueshiba
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