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Oct 15, 2003
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Mar 14, 1969 (Age: 51)
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Manchester UK
Teacher of soulful education

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New Member, 51, from Manchester UK

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May 31, 2017
    1. Crowan
      Happy Birthday!
    2. beckyboop922
      Thank you Meurighj XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    3. meurighj
      Happy Birthday!
    4. NICE_1
      Just saying Hi .

      Not sure If you got my e-mail In response to yours .

      x daz x
    5. IrmaJ
      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for all your time & effort. As this is public I won't go into detail. Willing to do whatever is necessary for progress but don't know how. Is it possible to have exact direction?
    6. IrmaJ
      Thanks for everything. I like total honesty. Trying to reply system won't recognise recipient. If this way works I'll reply properly.
    7. Richard Lawton3
      Richard Lawton3
      Hi Becky - thanks for the friend request!
    8. Emz922
    9. Mel-HTF
      Hi Becky, thank you very much for your msg on Bloke's thread welcoming me to Healthy Pages. I hope to be around quite a bit so I'm sure we will speak soon. Mel x
    10. lindaannH
      Hi becky I have just popped on for a minute before going to bed. I hope your heart is feeling less heavy and you have a wonderful week.
      Linda x
    11. Treacle
      [IMG]Hello Becky![IMG]
    12. Mimi83
      Hello :) thanks for the feedback on Ww's note thread :) and that's a gorgeous dog! i love dogs too :)
      take care!
      Oh ...and happy belated birthday !
    13. amandah
      Hello, Happy Birthday to you Have a great day regards amandah
    14. Chestnut
      Happy 40th. I've been there, you'll have great fun. xx
    15. beks
      Hi there.
      Im doin my vr02 questions and thought you may be able to help me.
      1) what are the commercial timing for:
      a) overlayers b) infills c) removal

      2) How do u adapt ur application to suit different nail shapes?

      3) How would u treat damaged nails?

      If you could answer the questions it would be much apprieciated. Beks x
    16. rosie red
      rosie red
      hi becky , thanks for your message , i am alot better thankyou. it took me a long time to feel better as my daughter went to uni and i was worried about her and missed her alot.
      i got the books you recommended , they were very helpful. i find it easier to cope with my mum now.
      i also had another shock , the csa increased my hubbys payments which wasnt bad but then they decided that they hadnt been charging him the right amount over the years so they back dated the arrears 14 years, and he now owes 8,000, they want this back within 2 ys even even though its their error. we have to pay 900 pound a month even though this leaves us with nothing lefft at the end of the month.
      so im finding it hard at the mo , but i always think theres someone worse off than me!
      anyway how are you doing? what are you doing for christmas?
      thanks for thinking of me,
      i hope you are well
      rosie xxxxx
    17. meowmix
      Hi Becky thanks for your email, I am not sure how to send a private one back (or maybe I am doing it without realising!?)...
      It´s interesting what you said... about the emotion...
      I guess the truth is I feel a lot of sadness. I have had loads of counselling-therapy already though and it still lingers... I don´t know how to move forward with it...
      Any ideas?
      Many thanks for your support xxx
    18. Blackcrow
      hello becky, i can understand you thinking its a curse, because when i was younger many moons ago.
      i used to thnk it wa a cirse, you could always put rose quartz crystas in the corner of your windows, that takes away nrgative energy, putting salt in a bowl out of the way also works, and you can ask your guides to take them away.
      hope this helps
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    Mar 14, 1969 (Age: 51)
    Home Page:
    Manchester UK
    Teacher of soulful education
    Spiritual teacher

    Dogs, gym, my job, socialising, reading, history, music and cars


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