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New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent.
energy healer

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andy johnson healer

New Member, Male, from New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent.

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    New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent.
    energy healer
    How did I discover I could heal?

    ‘The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ Nikola Tesla.

    In September 1997 was the first time I came across ‘healing’ when I saw the effects, he called ‘Radiance Treatment’ in a friend, which was induced by a local Homeopath.

    He looked to me to be on chemical intoxicants; very calm and spacey as he described the process in detail, including the colours he saw behind his closed eyelids as he lay on the practitioner’s couch. I knew him well and became intrigued by the mystery, I went initially to the local library to research the weird world of ‘Energy Healing’.

    I randomly found a book called,‘the Link’ by an English Healer, Matthew Manning, who started as a teenage stage psychic.

    He details his adventures as a teenager at boarding school with automatic writing and Poltergeists, prior to becoming a theatrical novelty act, further chronicled in his other book ‘The strangers’.

    The same day I ran across a flyer in a nearby health food shop, for his ‘Healing Workshop Tour’, as he had by now reinvented himself, and teamed up with promoter Graham Wilson, the co-founder of the ‘Exhibition of Mind Body and Spirit’ popular at the time in London, as its star attraction. I signed up for a day’s lecture at the Salomon estate, at Tunbridge Wells.

    I asked Mr Manning how he started ‘healing’, and he told me he was working as a ‘Silva Mind control instructor’ in America and discovered the American nurse Dolores Krieger’s book, ‘the therapeutic touch: How to use your hands to help or to heal’. She was taught by the Hungarian healer Oskar Estebany. He has said elsewhere, he was inspired to be a ‘healer’ by a ‘spiritual experience,’ watching a funeral pyre in the Himalayas on holiday.

    Around 10.30am, sitting in a plastic chair, listening silently to his lecture, I shut my eyes for a few seconds as vivid purple blobs flashed up, and what felt like electricity, pulsed up my legs from the floor, after which extreme heat was transferred to anybody I touched, who would ask if I was a ‘healer’.

    I denied doing anything. I knew something very strange was happening, but I was not consciously responsible. I had done no preparation of any kind and knew nothing but what I had read at the library which was not a lot at that time. I did not want to say anything either as I thought I would be seen as a wannabee fool, full of my own self importance. So I kept quiet.

    The closest image for the pulsing in my legs was the scene from the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis, where 'Maria' the robot woman comes alive.

    We were asked to sit quietly, close our eyes and ’empty our minds’ bringing our hands together slowly from a couple of feet apart, converging above the belly button.

    Years before at a Bournemouth Tai Chi class, I went to once, the Chinese instructor demonstrated a similar exercise. Performed in the ‘Horse stance’ standing legs apart and knees bent as if astride a horse. Just below the belly button in Chinese ‘Taoist’ belief, is the Dan Tien point or reservoir for the life force or ‘Chi’.

    The practitioner is supposed to feel an ‘invisible leather ball’ which opposes the hands, and indicates the strength of the stored energy. I felt nothing, no resistance whatever.

    This time I could feel a huge opposing magnet between my hands which kept them about two feet apart. As soon as I started to think about what I was doing the effect disappeared. Each time I tried and stopped thinking, the big magnet came back.

    No matter how hard I pushed, my hands would not come together. I came expecting to listen and watch, my world was being upended, like a hidden puppet master was pulling my strings!

    I was the last person this should be happening to, a very down to earth rational scientific, ‘show me the evidence’ skeptic. I started off in the pharmaceutical industry, followed by a stint at a NHS diabetes clinic, with a very broad range of experience in-between and after.

    As a cynical scientist, I found it very disturbing, but I could not deny any of it happened. I even questioned my own sanity. With hindsight I suspect all of this activity was dormant, I had just never looked properly. Credit where it’s due, Mr Manning somehow unwittingly stirred the sleeping giant.

    I had the full on experience that day, including telepathy, and sensing of an invisible force field around other people, I bounced off if I approached them, just like in a sci-fi film. I was bemused and disturbed, as this was supposed to be just a Question and Answer lecture, with a few group exercises.

    Lost and thoroughly confused, why me, why now, what is this? I wrote to Manning, as the teacher, requesting his help, advice, anything further I should investigate, describing every detail just as it happened, with a stamped self-addressed envelope and music CD (Stanze by Einaudi) for use in his work, as a thank you in advance. I wasn’t asking to be his new best friend; simply for his advice, however brief.

    He completely ignored me.

    He then advertised his ‘healing circles’ for 50 people a time in multiple shifts during the day, for nearly a month at Kensington Town Hall.

    I signed up for one, as I wanted to discreetly ask if he received my package. He was visibly perturbed as he recognised me from his healing ‘workshop,’ and said, ‘oh, that was you’, then cut me dead.

    I politely pressed him for any comment, at which he dismissed me with, ‘join the ‘National Federation of Spiritual Healers’ and blanked me.

    I was furious, deflated, and directionless, as frankly I expected better.

    I took my place in the circle, closed my eyes, eventually calmed down and did what I thought was meditation for 45 minutes to a Vangelis track, ‘Oceanic’. Unbeknown to me, Mr Manning was walking around the perimeter, briefly placing his palms on each person’s shoulders in turn.

    Nothing was happening, just blackness behind my eyelids, then after half an hour, out of nowhere I saw a translucent pulsating grey figure appear, like a featureless grey tailor’s dummy made of glowing pulsating fibreglass mesh, only it was standing behind my right shoulder.

    I was seeing behind myself as in a computer game. Something very strange was happening…Yet again!

    The best description I have is a simple black and white outline sketch for one of the mystical artist Alex Grey’s incredible paintings, who I had never heard of at the time.

    The luminous figure leant forward and pointed over my right side with ‘its’ right hand before placing its glowing mesh hands, palm down on each shoulder. In an instant I felt like two glowing red hot bars were rammed vertically through my torso left and right. I jerked in the chair, as I was on fire inside, from top to bottom.

    I realised later the figure was Manning resting his hands on my shoulders. Of the 49 other people in the circle, I was around number 40. When I came to, I was disorientated, wobbling about, and couldn’t speak coherently, so I left in silence.

    I bought two large McDonald’s, and binned them, staggering down the Kensington Tube eventually finding my car. Driving home was a nightmare; my eyelids kept dropping and I could not think straight, I collapsed into bed feeling I had been stunned by a Star Trek Phaser.

    When I awoke I was walking on clouds for a fortnight, I knew that again something odd had happened, just like that day at the ‘healing’ lecture.

    I was now ‘Alice down the rabbit hole’ I now had to get to the bottom of this, so I sought out all sorts of characters, read fantastical accounts, claims, and explanations, bought books, and immersed myself in everything from Quantum Physics and esoteric yoga, Christian based spiritualism, and quasi-religious deluded nonsense, to Remote viewing and hypnosis.

    I explored anything and everything that might expand my ‘conscious awareness’. I realised I was not going to get a ‘free pass’ from anybody and I was going to have to do it myself, by myself, for myself and that it may well be a bumpy ride.

    I visited other healers watched their methods and went on courses, all very serious stuff.

    I had an ‘explosion of consciousness’ for which I was totally ill prepared, information jumped out at me, from books sticking out of random bookshelves, which was how I first discovered the now deceased Stuart Wilde, whose early work was inspiring, before in his later years, when he too morphed into yet another very obvious New Age fraud, drinking himself to an early death at 65.

    Years later I realised every procedure I tried, interesting as it was, was not actually needed. So many people mistake the menu for the meal. Little by little I honed my technique, as for me less was certainly more.

    I am not a typical example of the ‘Healing’ fraternity, the only way I could get more down to earth would be to dig a hole and stand in it.

    Yet I consistently get amazing results, so I must be doing something right. As the saying goes ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’.

    This would fit in with what I believe happens with the healing process, when people discard their ego’s and resonate harmoniously with some form of universal creative energy infusing the universe, which flows through people such as me, when we ‘tune in’ and operate as a naturally resonant conduit, which ‘rebalances’ the health of the body.

    Engaging that conduit is the key to the healing process, as some people are clearly more receptive than others.
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