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Jun 11, 2004
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February 23
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Amelia Jane

New Member, from Wirral

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Mar 8, 2016
    1. Funnybunny
      Hi Amelia Jane

      I don't belive in co-incidences much - but here is one.
      I haven't logged on to Healthypages in a very very long time.
      The first thing I did was check my messages and there was the reading you gave me in 2008, which I read again.

      So much has happened since then, not all it turned out quite the way I hoped, but that is life.

      Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day & thank you again


    2. lazzaris
      Hi Amerlie Jane

      I am a bit dismayed why I haven't received a response from you .. everytime I post this thread about me wanting to find a business partner from general forum, travel forum or in classifieds it is deleted. Please can a moderator explain why this is the case? Is there a possibility that it can be placed anywhere within healthypages?

      many thanks

    3. lazzaris
      Hi Amelie Jane

      Could you assist where this is best placed in the forum? Thanks kindly! Sam : )

      I am a lady from London in her 30’s qualified and practising Holistic Therapist and teacher in a range of healing therapies and Yoga Instructor of 8 years. It has been a long dream to own and manage my own Holistic retreat. I have worked in many retreats in the world and now would like to find a piece of land and build my own in a country where land is cheap. I do have some cash to invest and would like to pull my resources with others or another business partner preferby within the Holistic field or atleast has a good appreciation and is supportive of Holistics if not practising. If you are resouceful, have building skills, permaculture a huge bonus. I have some knowledge and experience of permaculture and eco building and composting toilets etc but it would be great if you have the skills! I’m open to anywhere in the world where land is cheap but prefer warm, balmy climates.

      My vision is a retreat which is connected to nature, naturally beautiful, sustainable but with home comforts. Holistic therapies, detox, yoga, tai chi, meditation, organic healthy food, and generally a nice place to chill if that is all one decides to do... I am looking to offer workshops and programs with the focus on healing for all guests. I am looking to offer a range of accomadation to suit all budgets but my philosophy is affordable and good value and accessible to all. If you are interested in being involved in this... please email your thoughts! : )
    4. pinkwillow
      i posted a thread in spirituality about ideas for a ceremony for my 7year olds upcoming birthday..i thought it might not be the best category but couldn't see where else...just had a message fromanother member suggesting I ask you to move it to general forum or childrens forum..would this be ok? warmest wishes, danielle
    5. ghosty
      hello may io ask you ,am i able to talk about my website and not to promote it just to let people no what i do ? and also is there a way i can view all my posts so i dont repeat myself please many thanx
    6. fairytrish
      Hello Amy just to say I love ya girlfriend..LOL..
      love fairytrishhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    7. lw23babe
      Hi Amelia Jane,
      I've lost my post???

      I started a thread about swine flu and an article I'd read about hand I can't find it??? any ideas?

      Lisa :)
    8. starisheaw
      hi amy, hows you? hope things are on the up for you xx
    9. Evista
      Hi Amy, hope all is well with you. Havnt been in touch for a long time. All well here. Got my crystal healing diploma. Love and light Anne (Evista)
    10. safe
      hey you,
      how you been, checking you and calla are ok. try and get a 3way and catch up, im sure there is lots to talk about.

    11. Conspiritualist
      Lol... Mmmmm 4 now and with cherry red lipstick too :-)
      lov rog x
    12. Conspiritualist
      Hi Amy,
      Sorry hun, only just noticed the post from you... thanks for the compliment... errr ... them three kisses really for me?
    13. starisheaw
      HI Amy,

      Lovely hearing from you. Yes i am fine thank you. My hubby recently back from hospital after having heart bypass. But thankfully on the mend now. I hope you are doing better now. Hope everything is going well for you and the kids.

      Luv and light
      Emilia xxx
    14. starisheaw
      Hi Amy,

      Hope things are going well for you.

      lots of love
      EMilia xxx
    15. CosmicFaery
      Hi Amelia,

      just learned today that I can leave messages in people's profiles, which is fun ;-) AND we share the same birthday!

      Hope you're well!

    16. Amelia Jane
    17. starisheaw
      Hi Amy, hope your keeping well. lots of love xxx
    18. starisheaw
      ive just text you!
    19. Treacle
      I see you've started early this year!
    20. Badger
      Oh yeah ... BEFORE the beer goggles come on ... back at ya woman ...

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