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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is essentially a programme of re-education which draws attention to ‘patterns of misuse’ in daily life, in particular how you hold your head.

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Alexander Technique in Glasgow

The Alexander Technique is a practical commonsense approach to better quality of life. Achieve more efficiency with less effort. It is appropriate for all [...]

Complementary Healthcare

Sam is also pleased to announce the birth of her baby daughter. These two exciting events have coincided and offered Sam the opportunity to expand [...]


At 1Within we provide personal retreats in South Wales.  You can choose from a choice of programs which include: Life coaching, [...]

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique not only helps your body work more efficiently, but also your mind! After a lesson with Noël I think more clearly, [...]

Alexander Technique

Modern life brings us haste and a multitude of stimuli to respond to, but staying in natural balanced support in our body as we [...]

The Windmill Natural Health Centre

The Windmill Natural Health Centre at Woodbridge in Suffolk: a thriving alternative and complementary health clinic and an oasis of peace in a charming [...]

Alexander Texchnique

When I started the Alexander Technique I was clumsy, hunched over, tense, anxious and suffered debilitating lower back Pain. I was stressed and worried [...]

Alexander Technique in Hove

I am offering Alexander Technique private lessons in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. I am a fully qualified teacher and registered by STAT (Society [...]


flowcoach is a Glasgow-based Alexander Technique practice. We specialise in home visits, so please contact us regardless of your location.

Alexander Principle

A method of learning increased awareness of individual postural habits, to prevent back pain and improve mobility, increase calm, poise, and general health and [...]

Fairlee Wellbeing Centre

Fairlee Wellbeing Centre is a longstanding provider of conventional, complementary and alternative treatments for patients in South London.  Based on Queenstown Road, our centre is [...]
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