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Rachel Carey

The therapies described are suitable for anyone aged 7 or above. The first session of all therapies includes a detailed discussion of your health [...]


99.9% of people who have received treatment have all experienced HUGE improvements to their health.

Nikolaj Bloch

I have a straight-forward no-nonsense and results driven approach to healing;  No politics No religion No Woo-Woo A PureBioenergy treatment is like docking into a [...]

The Bioenergy healer

So what is PureBioenergy®? Bio is the greek word for LIFE - so literally PureBioenergy® is pure life energy. PureBioenergy® is a non-medical healing modality, that [...]

Advance Bio-Resonance with the Hunter Metatron

The Hunter Metatron uses cutting edge technology to analyse and restore energy to areas of disease and stress in the body with great detail [...]

Medical Intuitive & Bio-Energy Healing

Hi. I'm Sarah and I help people in their healing process by clearing and balancing the human energy field. I am a Medical Intuitive, a [...]

Reflex Touch Therapy

Reflex Touch Therapy - the Energy-alternative to reflexology Spring 2016 new classes Reflex Touch Therapy is a deeply relaxing energy-alternative to conventional reflexology. A light flowing [...]

Bioenergy Healing and Reiki

My name is Esmeralda. I am passionate about complementary therapies and practice both Reiki and Bioenergy Healing. I am dedicated to offering these gentle yet [...]

Balancing Emotions

Energy Healing can help you with health,relationships,creativity and prosperity issues. The intesion is to release obstacles dampning these areas of your life. I use [...]

PureBioenergy intensive Training – Level one – London

Called "The Powerhouse of Energy Healing" by healing professionals and families alike PureBioenergy reverses health conditions from simple to deemed " incurable' ( PTSD, [...]

Heart Medicine Healing Practice

This healing practice can help with a specific aspect in your life that you need to overcome or it can be used for personal [...]

Bio-Energetic Kinesiology

For help with life's litte stresses and health issues.  Feeling out of sorts with life? I can show you how to listen to your body's own inner [...]


Allergy made easy, testing over 30,000 items, lastest, painless technology, very quick results at appointment. Even allergy you have had for many years maybe helped. [...]
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