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Live Life With Soul

Live Life With Soul offers a deeply profound yet simplistic approach to living whole, complete and spirituality aware. What you are seeking exists right here and now.  It is possibie to make a conscious and immediate "shift" right [...]


I am a holistic therapist and energy worker with over 25 years experience in acupuncture, homeopathy, bioresonance, massage and radionics. I also host the [...]

Spiritus Sanctus

Welcome to Lincolnshire and Humberside's paranormal team website We offer a wide range of private paranormal investigations throughout the UK, and welcome in private house [...]

Clairvoyant psychic and Tarot readings

Clairvoyant Psychic since birth. Pure spiritual readings using no tools. Clients over many years and advertised in Spirity and destiny. Email and phone readings available .    

Reflex Touch Therapy

Reflex Touch Therapy - the Energy-alternative to reflexology Spring 2016 new classes Reflex Touch Therapy is a deeply relaxing energy-alternative to conventional reflexology. A light flowing [...]
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