Everyday fruit and vegetables as effective as some expensive ‘Super foods’

A report by Which? has highlighted ways in which health-conscious consumers could save money by swapping fashionable…

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Short term meditation training could help reduce stress levels

Mindfulness meditation is not a new idea; there are a whole host of books, podcasts and training…

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First-ever International Research Seminar for Ayurveda (IRSA)

The first ever International Research Seminar for Ayurveda (IRSA) is due to take place in Germany in…

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Acupuncture: a natural remedy for hot flushes

Acupuncture could help menopausal women cope with the frequency of hot flashes, new research published in the…

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Simon Cowell is latest celeb to endorse ‘age defying’ colonic irrigation

Not since the days of Princess Diana attempting to nip discreetly to her weekly London appointment in…

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Vitamin D and the Sunshine

In recent years, a great deal has been written and said about Vitamin D, its benefits and…

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