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Healing Together

Hi my name is Samantha. I am a Cognitive behavioural therapist with extensive experience of working with adults ...



Counselling, Stress Management and Careers Guidance

Hello, my name is David Whistance. A qualified Counsellor, Autogenic Therapist and Careers Adviser, I've helped people work ...

Reiki Training Courses & Reiki Treatments.

Welcome to Connect with Reiki Honouring Mikao Usui’s original system from the Japanese perspective. Jenny Newman has been a ...

Katy Flello Therapy

I am Katy and I have a real passion for women’s health. Having gone through my own fertility ...

Reiki in Glasgow, Ayrshire & Internationally

SPECIALIST IN REIKI HEALING TREATMENTS  - Ricky is a Yogi and Kundalini Yoga Master and specialises in offering ...

Laser hair removal Clinic in Central London

At City Hair Removal we have invested heavily in state of the art lasers across all of our ...

Refresh, Relax & Rejuvenate

Welcome to Refresh, Relax & Rejuvenate. I offer a range of holistic & complementary therapies based in Wakefield ...

Lisa Eaton Counselling

Hello and Welcome! My name is Lisa and I am a fully qualified Counsellor with experience of working ...

Therapeutic and deep tissue massage in West Sussex (clinic and mobile).

Hello, I am Roy.  I am a fully qualified massage therapist, offering therapeutic and deep tissue massage either ...

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Mindfulness in Everyday Life Course

Nov 2017

Mindfulness in Everyday Life Course

Nov 2017

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Nov 2017

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Have you heard of theta healing?

Theta healing is a technique that focuses on thought, intuition and prayer, and was developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal. Vianna was suffering from cancer and had tried both conventional and alternative medicine to no avail, but found that she was instantly cured after she used theta healing on herself. The technique centres around using…

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Essential oils and emotional health

Essential oils have many uses, but most people tend to associate them as an aid for physical health and ailments, overlooking the benefits of using oils for emotional health. We all experience a variety of emotions, and at a time when we are beginning to tune into our emotions more, it’s worth looking at what…

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Iridology: a window into your health

People say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but practitioners of iridology believe that they are something more than that. Iridology is an alternative medical practice in which the iridologist will study a patient’s iris – the coloured ring around the pupil – to gain an understanding of that person’s physical and psychological…

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Budget-friendly beauty treatments for a quick holiday pick-me-up

Indulging in the odd beauty treatment can improve your well-being hugely. Everyone needs a little indulgence from time to time, especially when it improves your looks and therefore confidence. Beauty therapies differ hugely in price, however, so if funds are low but you still want an indulgent pick-me-up, choose from one of these budget-friendly treatments.…

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Reflexology to help your child sleep..

Reflexology tends to calm the mind and relax the body, and it is particularly effective on children because they tend to be more sensitive. A little goes a long way and it can be of great benefit, especially at bedtime! You don’t have to be a certified reflexology practitioner to give an effective massage to…

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Why seeing a nutritionist could improve more than just your diet

Deciding to speak to a professional about nutrition can do more for you than just improve your diet. Nutritionists train for years to help advise you on how to get the most from your food, but it won’t just affect your waistline. Boosting your mood We’re all aware of the link between food and feelings…

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