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What is Chiropractic ‘Done by hand’  is the literal translation of the two Greek words cheir (meaning ‘hand’) and praktikos (meaning ‘practised’ or ‘done’), chosen by the inventor of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer in the late 1800s, to name his technique. According to his beliefs, the effects of the musculoskeletal [...] Continue Reading


What is Acupressure? Acupressure is an ancient oriental art which involves the body healing itself through increasing its energy flow and boosting its self-curing ability. This is done my means of applying gentle but firm finger and other limb pressure to stimulate energy points (or meridians – of which there [...] Continue Reading


What is Aromatherapy? Essential oils – fragrant, potent, and volatile – extracted from a great range of (more than 150) plants, flowers, fruits, grasses, leaves, twigs, roots and bark, these form the basis of Aromatherapy.  The knowledgeable use of these essential oils (often with massage) is reckoned to enhance body, [...] Continue Reading

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Okay. Thanks. I was trying to see the connection between acupuncture and Yggdrasil! Come into the general chat forum and tell us about being a viking!

Is he in distress over it? If yes, take him to GP, if not I would refrain f..

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January 16th, 2017

What happens when I visit an Ayurvedic practitioner?

People book appointments with Ayurvedic practitioners for a variety of health and wellness reasons, and this ancient Indian health system can offer plenty of benefits. But what happens when you arrive for your first consultation? Firstly, you will need to be prepared to talk quite a bit about yourself and [...] Continue Reading

January 12th, 2017

Six reasons to try an Indian head massage

Indian head massage is a technique that has been practised in India for over a thousand years. Based on the ayurvedic system of healing, it promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through the stimulation of important energy areas in the body. Ideal for relieving stress, anger, and tension, we look [...] Continue Reading

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