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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by shaunmike, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. shaunmike

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    Hi everyone!

    Started this discussion for all of us to share about how our approaches to a healthier lifestyle.
    I think most of us honestly have a hard time to fully commit to a healthy regime due to a lack of time and there's too many information online that makes us confused with what's exactly a good approach.

    I honestly find it difficult to find quick fixes to adopt into our lifestyle as I'm just too busy with work and family commitments. I've read books and they mainly try to persuade you into fully altering your lifestyle to make a difference, this requires a lot of time and a drastic change in my lifestyle. Do you guys find anything that is lacking in health books?

    Thoughts? Any input would be benefit everyone in the forum.

    To good health,
    Shaun Michael
  2. jnani

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    Apr 15, 2010
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    Ours is a culture obsessed with health. We have health enhancing strategies, tips in books, over internet, social media...everywhere! There is nothing more than health and spirituality that we fuss about these days...all kinds of diets, exercise regimes....too much knowledge, very little substance. People have more conflicted brains due to all non sense pseudo scientific information so freely available to us.

    So much obsession and so little health...reason?
    We have drifted away from our Swabhava (saw-self, bhava- nature). The whole life style has ended up by plastic, very little organic, natural and traditional is actually left in our day to day life.

    Health is a state of cannot be constantly obsesssed/worried about health and be healthy....this little common sense escapes the smartest of people on planet.

    When someone come to me with overwhelming number of health issues .....the first thing they are told is they must forget about their health, as keeping such a close eye has abviously not worked.... People are totally drowned in health issues by constantly being in the loop of watching health very constantly fearing a thief, a are in that loop if fearful anticipation. Our health consciousness is not of allowing and blossoming,mit is of The anticipation of doom and gloom. We as a society are in a rut of anticipation of losing health....massive fear....massive.....then books, blogs, wise tips....what are they? Absolutely useless if your own energy is going against you.

    Health is Swastha in Sanskrit. (Swa-self, stha-rested). Ayurvedic definition of health is when you are restfully residing in your being. Simply rested, not worried, not bothered...
    We are going round the bend, following diets, regimes, avoiding foods, adding foods, fussing over health....Knowing too much, ascin information, yet knowing nothing about ourselves

    Health is a shadow of your being. Body is food-body, so naturally give it simple, delicious and tastes food, a moderate amount of exercise. Avoid processed, plastic man made food.
    But above all, know that health is not a challenge as big as they make out....realax and enjoy what health you have and it gets better. In that mind set whatever else needs to be done, is done effortlessly.

    KISS-Keep it simple sweetheart
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  3. amy green

    amy green
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    Aug 11, 2006
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    Hi Shaunmike and welcome to this forum! Without knowing much about you, i.e. whether you have health issues, what you might like to work on in particular etc it is hard to give specific, useful advice.

    Yes it can be daunting to see what we are 'supposed' to do but I would suggest it isn't an either/or situation, i.e. baby steps/quick fixes (which you seem to be asking for) is more practical for your busy lifestyle. Simple things like drinking more water, taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking instead of driving short distances, incorporating more vegetables and fruit (organic if pesticide residues concern you), making time to relax/unwind/meditate if possible. Stress can be psychosomatic, i.e. go on to create physical conditions so the ability to laugh cannot be undermined - ensuring a sense of perspective is maintained at times. We are mind, body and spirit after all so focusing on any one area at the expense of the others would not be balanced.
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