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  1. chezsalu
    Naturopathic Practitioner - personal consultations, metabolic balance, nutrition, iridology, massage, ear candling, Reiki
  2. Zandalee
    Find your passion and ignite your heart. You can live your passion.
  3. herbalistnaturalcare
    Iulia Barta Medical Herbalist in Kent
  4. Zandalee
    Making a difference by one kind word at a time. I am listening.
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  5. reikijen
    Be Peaceful today. Be calm today. Be honest and True to yourself today. Treat yourself to Reiki today, tomorrow is another day.
  6. reikijen
    Be compassionate today
  7. thesecretyou
  8. reikijen
    How do I get a link from my website too Healthypages and vice versa?
  9. Zandalee
    Let it go and watch the horizon. Solar eclipse August 21.
  10. Zandalee
    Home home so happy to be home...
  11. Zandalee
    Say a kind word to a person in need. Share your kindness.
  12. reikijen
    REJUVENATE, RELAX, RESTORE with Jenny Newman in Corsham, Wiltshire. Jenny teaches all levels of Reiki, also Reiki Treatments.
  13. thesecretyou
    Have just offered to work with London Fire Brigade with dealing with the Grenfell Tower Block. Asking for counselling and EMDR therapists.
  14. thesecretyou
    still writing the Animal Healing book while helping various animals along the way. my facebook page for Animal Healing @equineandpethealing
  15. holisticprac
    holisticprac jamesk
    Hi there, I just read you post about naked massage and I fully agree with every point you make. Are you on Facebook? If so I have just created a new secret group - Nudism for Health & Healing. We will need to be friends on there for me to add you so my profile is Rodney Robinson. I look forward to chatting with you some more.
  16. Zandalee
    Mistakes are our bridge to success.
  17. anshika154
    Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
  18. Zandalee
    Life is only available if you allow it to be available. Live with imagination and hope.
  19. Di
    Pick Up Your Wings and Fly !
  20. Linda Newbold
    Linda Newbold
    Helping you find freedom from difficulties .....
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