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  1. Zandalee
    Learn to learn more. Question everything and laugh a lot.
  2. Zandalee
    Life is about choices. Let your choices bring success in your all areas of your life.
  3. SandboxTherapy
    Play. Create. Teach. Learn.
  4. Zandalee
    Celebrate your failures. Love your courage. Radiate with hope. Invest in your new ideas and teachings. Start now.
  5. Zandalee
    Beginnings are part of the circle of endings. Let go let your soul grow.
  6. ChristofferK
    Stay positive
  7. Zandalee
    Just know you are important and the universe needs your light and uniqueness.
  8. Zandalee
    Being healthy starts with intent. For me letting regrets go and forgiveness come in helps us spark the intent. Gracious day..
  9. Zandalee
    Made it after a long flight. So grateful to see old friends and make new ones. If anyone a meditation done let us know. Circle in progress
  10. MBmassagetherapy
    Therapeutic massage
  11. Feather Touch Therapies
    Feather Touch Therapies
    Feather Touch Therapies ~ Helps You To Help Yourself
  12. Zandalee
    Psychic development within your personal journey. Let's ignite your vision and passion for your goals and success. Soul shine and joy on
  13. Self Help Healing
    Self Help Healing
    Currently available for in-person Reiki healing sessions in Glasgow, Ayrshire and surroundings areas and also by distance internationally.
  14. cranbornecounsellor
    BACP Accred. Counsellor and Psychotherapis
  15. Natural Harmony
    Natural Harmony
    Completed my hot and stone massage course, special offer on hot stone treatments, book a between 17-30 April for 15% discount!
  16. Energylz
    Energylz dgoldston
    Hi Debrah and welcome to Healthypages. Long time no see - I think the last time was at Patrick's ALL-LOVE workshops. :) - Giles
  17. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    50% discount off your first treatment with me!
  18. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    10 years of being a therapist in April 2017!
  19. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    Healthy living, self-healing and well-being for all
    1. Karen LillywhiteF
      Karen LillywhiteF
      10 years of being a therapist in April 2017!
      Mar 23, 2017
  20. RadianceByRosie
    Business closed in August 2014. Thank you
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