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  1. Energylz
    Energylz dgoldston
    Hi Debrah and welcome to Healthypages. Long time no see - I think the last time was at Patrick's ALL-LOVE workshops. :) - Giles
  2. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    50% discount off your first treatment with me!
  3. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    10 years of being a therapist in April 2017!
  4. Karen LillywhiteF
    Karen LillywhiteF
    Healthy living, self-healing and well-being for all
    1. Karen LillywhiteF
      Karen LillywhiteF
      10 years of being a therapist in April 2017!
      Mar 23, 2017 at 10:54 AM
  5. RadianceByRosie
    Business closed in August 2014. Thank you
  6. Natural Harmony
    Natural Harmony
    New treatment coming soon...Hot Stone Massage!
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  7. Natural Harmony
    Natural Harmony
    Have taken delivery of a lovely new massage couch, its wider and much more comfortable for clients having treatments
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  8. Rrrmassaging
    Now available on Saturday Mornings at Pearl Lake Leisure Park, Shobdon, Herefordshire
  9. Crowan
    Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd
  10. joblower
    Passionate about natural health and beauty, we're proud to be both a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and a Neal's Yard Remedies Consultant.
  11. joblower
    We're now offering a holistic facial collection!
  12. Resonance
    Nr Farnham, Surrey, Seale Natural Health has lots of events going on until July 17. Essential oil workshops, Reiki, Crystals, Talks etc
  13. ChristofferK
    Stay healthy and relaxed.
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  14. Yggdrasiltcm
    Hello, first status on this forum :-)
  15. caroline capjon
  16. friendlysteve
    I have time available to provide you with a wonderful massage - no charge... please get in touch
  17. elementalchanges
    Next Seichem 1 course in Whitley Bay on 11th February for Reiki healers who want to add new dimensions to their healing
  18. elementalchanges
    Almost ready for tomorrow's first Reiki 2 Practitioner training of the year - excited to see my students deepen their Reiki practice <3
  19. caroline capjon
    caroline capjon
    Angelic Reiki Healing
  20. JikidenReikiDojo
    Kyo dake wa - Just for today. #ReikiPrinciples
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