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  1. JikidenReikiDojo
    Kyo dake wa - Just for today. #ReikiPrinciples
  2. lucytrend
    Looking forward to the Advanced Thai Massage Course next week!
  3. thesecretyou
    I help clients enjoy a better life and feel more confident about themselves. I heal animals around the world. Currently writting my 3rd book
  4. glengibson
    Being a perfectionist can seem like a gift at times but we can become trapped in this ideal, struggling to relax our high standards.
  5. glengibson
    Some of us describe ourselves as an "addict" for anything we do - any activity, which may not always be an accurate description
  6. glengibson
    Anger is a normal, healthy, natural human emotion, which we are bound to feel - that everyone feels, it is also our passion.
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  7. glengibson
    Sexuality in the relationship, marriage, can sometimes be a barometer for what else is happening in the relationship.
  8. glengibson
    There is a misleading tendency to use the word depression as a catch-all term for many experiences
  9. glengibson
    The relationship and marriage counselling can explore what a relationship, marriage means for us and what keeps us safe in it
  10. glengibson
    In my London counselling practice in Camden, I aim to bring clarity, creativity and sensitivity to my work with warmth, humour and maturity.
  11. Amanda05
    I am a Holistic therapist, offering Reiki treatments and classes, Reflexology including Infertility and various types of massage.
  12. Glynes
    I have just taken over a fantastic complementary heath clinic in Enfield I am so excited, Looking for wonderful therapist to join our team
  13. carolfenner
    I offer Energy Editing® which uses muscle testing to find a block (fears, limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions) & releases it.
  14. RichardE
    Still searching for that "ideal" massage
  15. Jeanl
    Mobile ReikiMaster/Teacher with over 20years experience of therapies
  16. audrey.clark.3572
    Away 31st October until 5 November
  17. Angel_Love11
    Angelic Reiki: The Gift Of Healing Yourself & Others
  18. Devon School of Reiki
    Devon School of Reiki
    Looking forward to hearing from you..
  19. caveman
    I am now a level 2 reiki practitioner!
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    2. Energylz
      Well done Caveman! :)
      Sep 26, 2016
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  20. fantasyflower
    Holistic therapist since 2005 beauty therapist since 2007. Developed copyright free training manuals to help other therapists tutors xx
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