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Pregnancy Yoga

What is pregnancy yoga? Yoga in pregnancy is a means of educating mothers-to-be on good breathing techniques and ways to relax and stay calm during what can be a stressful time. It is also a means of .. Continue Reading

Regression Therapy

What Is Regression Therapy? Have you ever been somewhere for the first time, yet it feels familiar? Met someone new who you feel you have known for years? Felt that there’s something not quite right, .. Continue Reading


What is Shiatsu? Although Shiatsu is a relatively modern therapy (developed in Japan in the twentieth century), it can trace its roots to Traditional Chinese medicine, introduced into Japan over 1000 .. Continue Reading


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October 13th, 2015

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Have you tried everything to quit smoking and still find yourself lighting up? It’s time to give hypnotherapy a try and kick that habit for good. Forget what you’ve seen on the television; stage hypno.. Continue Reading

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